Wood Information

The table tops are made from consecutive strips of glued wood or glued “butcher-block” (only for walnut; glued joints are linear). With rustic oak wich means: European oak with a rustic appearance and knots not exceeding 3 cm. For other types stated in the price list, A-quality is used. Natural deviations since wood is a natural product, differences in colour or structure have to be taken into account. Each table has its own unique ‘wood image’. The wood will adopt its final colour due to the influence of (sun) light. Moisture it is essential for the wood that the relative humidity is kept at the same level. In order to prevent expanding or shrinking, measures have to be taken when the relative humidity exceeds 65% or falls below 45%. Please place the table at an ample distance from a source of heat.

Furniture not for use outside

Finish The tables are, as standard, varnished with a 2 component varnish silk-matt blank. Because of the UV-filter of the varnish, little discoloration takes place. The varnish is the best protection for the table. On request they can also be varnished with matt or high-gloss paint. Clean with a slightly damp cloth.