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Furniture series has its products classified in various collections.

Viking series stabbed in the Viking series a classic half wood joint with a modern twist. The semi-wood connection of the head ends of the table are prominent and give the table a distinctive look. View Viking series.

Viking standing table coffee table dining table View the Viking serie

Mistress series

Timeless and sleek shaped series of tables, bar tables, dining tables, coffee tables and plants tables and a bench. Finding suitable furniture will be easy. View Mistress series.

Mistress dining table Mistress table Mistress coffee table View the Mistress serie

Mayor series

A contemporary series, which is characterized by simplicity and striking detail as the milled legs making it look like the top floats. View Mayor series.

Mayor standing table oak Mayor dining table Mayor standing table beech View the Mayor serie

Nicole series

The Nicole series is characterized by the closed sides. By selecting from bank to bar table, there is a range of possibilities. View Nicole series.

Nicole standing table Nicole bar table Nicole dining table View the Nicole serie

Marie series

This series has wood turning in the legs, which is a caricature of the models of the past and in which a little 'fun' factor has put in in terms of shape and finish. View Marie Antoinette series.

Marie Antoinette standing table Marie Antoinette table for regulars Marie Antoinette dining table View the Marie serie

Queen series

A series of column tables which consists of dining tables and bar tables. The column, adapted to the size of the blade, is hollow (can be reinforced) and veneered. View Queen series.

Queen dining table Queen oval table Queen table View the Queen serie

Ramses series

A square diabol shaped columns table series which consists of dining tables and bar tables made entirely of solid wood 
. View Ramses series.

Ramses Ramses 2 column standing table Ramses dining table Ramses Ramses 1 column standing table View the Ramses serie

Tree series

The Tree is a table series which is close to the origin of "wood". The shape of each tree is unique and that is shown in the Tree series. View Tree series.

Tree table outside Tree trunk table Tree table View the Tree serie

Lord series

The Lord series is suitable for wheelchairs and armchairs. A "no nonsense" table series. Sturdy and tight. View Lord series.

Lord table beech Lord table oak Lord table beech View the Lord serie

Jester series

The Jester series distinguishes itself from other tables being a combination of a column(s) and a four legged table. View Jester series.


Bic standing table Bic dining table Bic 2 column table View the Jester serie

Louise series

This furniture range is extensive in which classic turning and modern milling is visible into the feet of this furniture. View Louise series.

Louise dining table Louise floor lamp Louise standing table View the Louise serie

Omega series

A series of column tables which is distinctive by design. Many versions are possible. View Omega series.

Omega 2 column table Omega standing table Omega 1 column table View the Omega serie

Bic series

Columns tables in a separate classic design which gives a trendy look by the finish in a modern color. View Bic series.

Bic standing table Bic dining table Bic 2 column table View the Bic serie