Louise lamp XL

Description Louise lamp XL

Appropriate wooden lamp from a contemporary slick range. The oversized base of the lamp has a modern contemporary design, with exaggerated forms and is available in any transparent or opaque colour. The lampshade is available in any colour and print of your choice. This offers the potential to make your choice, the eye-catcher in your home, office, catering facility or hotel (lobby). At Louise you have a choice of a tight tapered column or a tapered column with a torso.


Every colour possible.

For the lampshade you can use the colour chart to choose from 50 chintz colours on surcharge, ral and ncs colours possible. (And then whether or not to take a sheet pass with your choice of name/logo print).

Name/logo print

If you opt for a name/logo print, you will have to submit it by e-mail in high resolution. A print design, which you must approve by checking it, is then made out of it. The inside can also be printed with, for example, a wooden structure, which then shines through the lampshade because of the light of the lamp (these are more visible with lighter colours).

Colour difference

The wooden parts can be sprayed in transparent or in opaque colours, in line with your choice. As a result the wood grain still remains visible. In choosing the base to have the same colour as the lampshade, the colour of the base is therefore chosen so that they complement each other when the lamp is off. Negligible colour- and structural differences are inevitable due to the light (because different materials are used and because wood is a natural product).

Additional Information

Dimensions hood Round 90 x 80 cm
Brand Woodshape
Gewicht 23 kg
Height incl. lamp shade 220 cm
Wood species Solid oak wood