Lord table walnut

Description Lord table walnut

The Lord walnut table is a massive walnut wooden table. It has a dismountable steel plate connection, between the legs which make for an extremely solid connection between the table top and the table legs. The table top is only available in a thickness of 4,5 cm. Linear grooves and strengthening profiles underneath the top in order to minimise the natural effects from wood. Table-legs are available in 7 x 7 cm, 9 x 9 cm or 11 x 11 cm. It is possible to add a stainless steel stock or neck (neck not possible at 7x7) around the table-leg at an additional charge. If required, the legs of the table can be placed more to the inside of the table. This choice could make the table a little less stable and as such we would recommend that ticket table-legs are used for larger tables. Table height comes at a standard 75 cm.

Additional Information

thickness tabletop 4,5 cm
Brand Woodshape
Height of table 75 cm
Wood species Solid walnut wood
Chassis 4 Table Legs
Leg Thickness table legs 9 cm
Shape of the tabletop Rectangular, Square


Color swatches walnut

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