About us

Woodshape.nlWoodshape is a part of BS Hout in vorm BV. We have more than 30 years experience of producing customised wooden furniture for tabletops, hotel and catering furnishings, office and residential furniture. BS Hout in vorm is a modern company with innovative quality products. Almost any kind of wood treatment is possible. Wood processed fully automatically, semi-automatically or manually; BS Hout in vorm manufactures from drawings or models, in single pieces or mass-produced.

With or without you supplying your own wood. Some examples of wood processing are fluting, twisting and end grain drilling. Also, staining and lacquering of wood, assembling, mounting, packing and distributing are options from BS Hout in vorm.

What can the customer expect from us?

- Quality products, competitive prices and quick deliveries;

- To choose from a wide and contemporary assortment;

- A trusted business partner; BS Hout in vorm takes a customer-oriented approach;

The customer decides what the final product will look like, and we can maintain the exclusive nature together with the customer; protected delivery to retail and industry.

Contact and Address

Oude werf 11, 1851 PW Heiloo, Netherlands
Email : info@woodshape.nl
Bel ons: +31(0)72-533 32 62